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Product Description

KTT could provide the complete set of nitric acid engineering services covers every stage.   

We take the latest technique to produce the nitric acid by the dual pressurization process.

There are many process technologies producing nitric acid, mainly including ambient pressure process, comprehensive process, full medium pressure process, high pressure process and dual pressurization process, most of them have been basically eliminated due to low utilization of total ammonia, serious environmental pollution, irrational energy utilization, etc.

The dual pressurization process means 0.45Mpa oxidation and 1.1Mpa absorption. The oxidation rate is 96.6%, and the absorption rate is 99.8%, although the lump-sum investment of the unit is relatively high, but such advantages as low ammonia consumption, low platinum consumption, lower level pollution, rational energy utilization, etc are obvious. In China market, the price of platinum is 380 RMB/g, as per 60,000 ton/year of pure acid production, 1,368 million RMB of platinum will be spent by double pressurized method, 2.736 million RMB for medium pressure method, and 6.84 million for high pressure method.

Company Profile


Kindly (Beijing) Tech Trading Co., Ltd. (KTT) is an international chemical engineering company, who is pioneering in chemical engineering technologies, and playing a leading role in new technology development, with capability of project consulting, management and project delivery on EPC. 

On the other hand, we involve in the business of trading of bulk fertilizers, chemicals and machinery. 

KTT has been dedicated to the technical development of fertilizer production process, such as optimization, technical innovation, and new process research. In last 12 years, we have been researching production of sulfuric acid (H2SO4), potassium sulfate (K2SO4), ammonia phosphate, NPK, etc. Our company has energized the technical improvement of the industry, and completed more than 100 consulting, design, construction and general contracting projects locally and internationally; the projects spread in 20 provinces in China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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